Sr. No. Name of Service Time Limit
1 Section of Building plain/revised building plain (Residential) 30 Days
2 Section of Building Plain/ revised building plain (Other than Residential) 60 Days
3 Issue of Completion/Occupation  Certificate (All Categories) 15 Days
4 Issue of No Objection Certificate/Duplicate Allotment/ Re-Allotment letter 21 Days
5 Issue of Conveyance Deed 15 days
6 Issue of No Due Certificate 7 Days
7 Transfer of property in case of sale 15 Days
8 Transfer of property in case of Death (Uncontested) 45 Days
9 Issue of Permission for Mortgage 7 days
10 Sanction Of Building Plan/Redevised Building Plan(Residential) 30 Days
11 Sanction of Building Plan/revised Building Plan(Other than Residential) 60 Days
12 Issue of completion/occupation for Buildings(All categories) 30 days
13 Sanction of Water Supply/Sewerage connection in corporation cities 7 days
14 Sanction of Water Supply/Sewerage connection in corporation cities 7 days
15 Issue of Convenience deed in  Municipal Corporation 15 days
16 Sanction of Supply/Sewerage connection in the improvement trust 7 Days
17 Issuance/Renewal of trade license by Municipal Committees and Municipal corporation 12 Days
18 Removal of Soiled waste management from Streets/Roads 2 Days
19 Replacements of Streets Lights 10 days
20 Water pipe leakage/blocked/overflow 24 Days
Regarding Water & Sewerage Connections
21 Change of title in Water and Sewerage bill 7 Days
Water and Sewerage Bill amendment
22 Approval of water Disconnection/Reconnection 7 Days
23 Approval of Sewerage Disconnection/Reconnection 7 Days
24 License for Slater house 30 days
25 Approval of Addition Construction 30 Days
26 Sanction of Change and Land use 60 days
27 Issue of N.O.C for Fire Safety 30 days
28 Conveying the assessment regarding Property tax Within 1 Hr after depositing the form
29 Collection of Property Tax Within 1 Hr after depositing the form
30 Issue of Bus Pass (for Busses operated by ULB) Same Day
31 Issue Of Possession Letters Within 30 days of sold allotment letter
32 Issue of allotment Letter After 60 days of Sale/Auction
33 Approval of Extension for Building Plans 15 Days