What's New

What's New
S No. Page Title Publish Date
1 Purposed Building Plan -Town Planning Wing   PDF file New Icon1 23-12-2020
2 CLU -Town Planning Wing   PDF file New Icon2 23-12-2020
3 Requirement of laptop in the office of PSULM   PDF file New Icon3 02-09-2020
4 Punjab Cow Slaughter Act 1955   PDF file New Icon4 25-08-2020
5 Requirement of one laptop in PSULM   PDF file New Icon5 21-08-2020
6 MSC Fire rates notification 2020   PDF file New Icon6 13-08-2020
7 PMBBL 3977-3979 Amendment   PDF file New Icon7 07-08-2020
8 Check List ORDER (Hospital).   PDF file New Icon8 06-08-2020
9 One Time Settlement 02-07-2020 (PROPERTY TAX) - Notification   PDF file New Icon9 02-07-2020
10 Notififation no. 1338 Industries - Town Planning Wing   PDF file New Icon10 03-06-2020
11 One Time Settlement Water & Sewerage Notification   PDF file New Icon11 18-05-2020
12 Punjab Chief Minister Relief Fund - Covid-19   New Icon12 New Icon12 30-03-2020
13 One Time Settlement Policy - Notification Updated 23.03.2019   PDF file New Icon13 23-03-2020
14 Special Recruitment Drive for Disabled Persons Corrigendum No 02 dated 19-02-2020   PDF file New Icon14 20-02-2020
15 Special Recruitment Drive for Disabled Persons Public Notice No 01 Dated 19-02-2020   PDF file New Icon15 20-02-2020
16 List of Short Listed Candidate Safai Karamchari-OH Category   PDF file New Icon16 20-02-2020
17 List of Short Listed Candidate Safai Karmachari-HH Category   PDF file New Icon17 20-02-2020
18 List of Short Listed Candidate Safai Karamchari-VH 100 Percent Category   PDF file New Icon18 20-02-2020
19 List of Short Listed Candidate Safai Karmachari VH 40 Percent to 90 Percent Category   PDF file New Icon19 20-02-2020
20 One Time Settlement Policy for Recovery of arrears of Water and Sewerage Chages   PDF file New Icon20 12-02-2020
21 No. LG/CTP(LG)/2019/3977 Punjab Municipal Building Bye-Laws 2018   PDF file New Icon21 31-12-2019
22 Engagement of Service provider for Establishment of State Mission Manager   PDF file New Icon22 25-09-2019
23 Service Level benchmark Notification for 2019-20   PDF file New Icon23 12-07-2019
24 Scope of Work for Conducting Pending Audit of ULBs by Chartered Accountants   PDF file New Icon24 20-06-2018
25 Accountants Examination in ULBs   PDF file New Icon25 08-05-2018
26 Single Window System - CGDN   PDF file New Icon26 19-04-2018
27 Notification regarding City Gas Distribution Network   PDF file New Icon27 11-04-2018