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Sh. Bhagwant Mann Ji

(Hon`ble Chief Minister)

President's Desk


Administrator Sub Divisional Magistrate

Rupnagar is known to people for its rich heritage, culture and historical significance. Currently it is managed and well administered by abled government bodies. The city is also famous for its festivities during the Hola - Mohalla and other festivals. Rupnagar is a beautiful city and has a scenic beauty around it. However, maintaining its significance is not possible without proper city maintenance and administration. Every city has its own local governing body, that helps in the process of advancement of the city. This civic body for Rupnagar is Municipal Council. The responsibility of the civic agency is also to ensure `planned development`, and the provision of civic services to the residents of the city. In pursuance of the same, we wish to build quality infrastructure within the Council, provide essential basic amenities like clean water, proper sewerage, sanitation, health and hygiene, street furniture, public libraries, community centre, adequate street lightings, beautified parks, green stretches, smart model of transportation and enhance the overall aesthetics of the city for its residents. In this continuous effort to provide better services to the citizens of the city, Municipal Council Rupnagar has launched its website to become information provider to its stakeholders through internet. We are committed to provide best in class services through our sincere efforts I feel one of the pre-requisites for any city to evolve and develop is through Active Citizen Participation. And to utilize this exceptional potential resource of the city and together build a city of well being.

Executive Officer's Desk

Sh. Bhajan Chand

Executive Officer

With the popularity of the internet and mobile technologies, people have become familiar with its importance and its potential. Internet is a medium which provides creative ways of exchanging information and linking with the existing information resulting in a global information database. This database can be central for the end user to retrieve his information just-in-time to avail better services, such as viewing his current information regarding billing, water-sewerage connection, property tax self assessments, trade & license, building plan etc. It is my pleasure to announce that Municipal Council Rupnagar is launching its website that provides all general information about the administration body as well as the city. The informative website gives details of the eminent members working, the cuty council, city staff, city statistics, and current ongoing work undertaken by the Municipal Council. The website also offers information on online applications, civic amenities along with downloading of different forms. It is a user friendly website. We need your continuous support and co-operation to make it more helpful and relevant.


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