City Introduction

Brief History

The village has deep roots in the history and was established in the year 1684 by Baba Mohan whose forefathers had settled here from Jaiselmer (Rajasthan). He had 7 sons. His grand-son Phool (son of Roop Chand) was the founder of the Phool Dynasty, Bhaduar and Barnala. His ancestors Baba Aala Singh was founder of Patiala Dynasty.  Meharaj has its proud moment in history when some of the villagers participated in Kuka Lehar, Jaitu Da Morcha and KomaGata Maru incident.

Demography & Statistics

  • Population (2011 Census)              -16784
  • House Holds                                    – 3251
  • Total Land – 17736 Acres
  • Cultivable Land -15742 Acres

Mehraj Nagar Panchayat


  • Mehraj is in Rampura Phul Tehsil of District Bathinda. It is about 25 kilometeres from district headquarters.
  • It was a big village consisting of 4 Patti’s namely (Kala, Sandli, Soul, Karmchand) and 7 Gram Panchayts Kothe Pipli, Gurusar Mehraj, Kothe Talwale, Himmatpura, Malluana, Rathdian, Kothe Maha Singh
  • Now it has attained the status of Nagar Panchayat with 13 wards with effective from 18-9-2013.


  • In the Nagar Panchayat Mehraj there are 4 Govt. Schools (1 Primary, 1 Elementary, Sr. Sec. (Boys), 1 Sr.Sec. School (Girls) Total Strength is 1599 (77 Pre-Nursery)
  • Teachers Sanctioned Strength is 72 vacant seats 15.
  • Infrastructure requiring urgent intervention
School Demand


Govt. Elementary School, Kala Patti, Mehraj Requirement of 3 Class Rooms in lieu of demolished rooms
Govt primary School Soul patti, Mehraj 30 wooden benches
GSSS School (Boys) Kala patti, Requirement of 5 Classrooms, Toilets Block,  Interlocking Tiles for Prayer Ground, Gen set, White washing & 50 Dual Desk.
GSSSS School (Girls) Karam chand patti, Sports ground with 400 meter Track, Volleyball,Handball,Football & Kabaddi Ground. Major Repair grant for 7 rooms and Cycle Shed.and white washing

In the 7 associated Gram Panchayat there are 7 Schools Primary/middle level

Primary school in Mehraj

Health Services

  • 30 bedded CHC was inaugurated in 2005 by Hon’ble CM Punjab.
  • CHC has Residential houses besides two Sub-Centres.
  • Daily OPD is 25 and this CHC caters the needs of the surrounding 7 Panchayats also.
  • Out 8 Sanctioned Posts there are 6 Vacancies of Doctors.
  • Out 14 sanctioned posts 8 vacancies of hospital staffs are vacant.

OPD at Community health centre Mehraj


Child Care (Anaganwari Centres)

  • In Mehraj Nagar Panchayat there are 26 Centres with about 1237 children enrolled.
  • The many Centres there is inadequate Power & Water supply inequity

Anganwari Centre

  • Most of Anganwari centre are facing problems mainly concerned with water supply, power supply and toilet facilities.

Sewerage system

  • Mehraj Nagar Panchayat 100% household is covered sewerage system.
  • Project was handed over to Punjab Water Supply & sanitation in the year 2005-06.
  • Sewerage water is collected and than thrown in to Lasara Drain by 9.00 KM rising main.
  • There is problem in the disposal of the water as the rising main is leaking at numerous places.
  • There is a need for De-silting, construction of MPS and STP plant.
  • Sewerage Board is conducting survey to rectify and modify the system to improve its efficiency.

Drinking Water

  • 2 water supply schemes, last Augmented in 2005,  non functional since 2013.
  • Scheme is canal based but was working on deep tubewell (500ft).
  • 3 OHSR of 1.80 Lac gallon, 30.582 Km laid distribution network & 1047 connections.
  • Revival and study of the water scheme is undertaken by Public Health Deptt.
  • Report _____________
  • There are 2 RO’s one in Kala Patti is not working on the pretext by inhabitants that quality of ground water is not good.
  • Water Test Report Scan Annexure

Road Network

  • NP has well connected road network give direct access to NH, SH and the nearest Sub-Division, surrounding villages etc.
  • Road Infrastructure Improvement is required on 6 Roads namely Rampura Mehraj, Lehra Soundha to Mehraj Gharat, Mehraj to Poohla, Mehraj Gharat to Gurudwara Malluana, Mehra to Kothe Talewala, Firni Mehraj to Gurudwara Malluana to Shahid Mohinder Singh House. Estimated cost of improvement Rs. 9.42 Cr.

Road Network of Mehraj

PWD (B & R)





Rampura Mehraj Road


Length (Km.)





Road Width




Converted Length



2 Bagha Purana to Nathana road to Mehraj 7.85 18 14.13
0.90 10 0.90
3 Lehra Sondha Mehraj Gharat including link Gurudwara Gurusar. 1.00 10 1.00
5.15 10 5.15
4 Mehraj to Poohla upto M.C.L. 6.40 10 6.40
1.50 10 1.50
5 Mehraj Poohla road to Gurudwara Chhota Gurusar Sangram Asthan 0.22 10 0.22

Proposed road Repair Projects in the Market Committee Rampura Phul

S.No Name of Road Length in KM Road Code Width Amount (In lacs)
1 Rampura Mehraj Road 5.38 ODR02 —- 400.60
2 Lehra Soundha Mehraj Gharat including LR Gurusar 5.15 BO7008 10′ to 18′ 309.00
3 Mehraj to Poohla 7.90 B07027 10′ to 18′ 180.00
4 Mehraj Gharat to Gurudwra Maluana 0.95 B07073 10′ 8.00
5 Mehraj to Kothe Talewala 2.95 B07123 10′ 25.00
6 Firni Mehraj to Gurudwara maluuana to Shahid Mohinder Singh House 2.80 B07118 10′ 20.00

Local Government

  • Inner Streets of NP are about 60 KM & 48.65 KM laid down with CC flooring, Pre-mix and Interlock tiles.
  • 35 KM streets are on priority to make it full pucca streets with estimated cost Rs.__

Streets work to be done/Fresh Demand

No No. of Works Area Sq. ft Type Approx Amount
1     Interlock Tile  
2     Metalled Road  
3     RMC Flooring  
4     DB  

Ponds & Wells

  • 6 large Ponds are there, Baba Sher Singh with local public support has mainted 4 ponds and quality of water is good for consumption of Animals
  • 2 ponds needs care, it is proposed to convert them in to fish pond, estimate Rs. ____
  • Four wells have been heritage look by Baba Sher Singh

Crop Sowing & Procurement 

  • Crop Sowing Pattern (In Acres) Total Sowing 15217
  • Paddy – 14460
  • Cotton – 203
  • Fodder – 426
  • Other – 128
  • There are 2 Procurement Centres for the procurement
Procurement Centre Last 3 Years Arrival (Paddy) in Quintals Last 3 Years Arrival (Wheat) in Quintals Area Covered under Centre Demands based on the arrival
Mehraj (Poohla Road) 2.63 Lac 1.60 Lac 2.74 Acres Increase in floor area by 1.37 Acre estimated cost Rs. 20.62 Lacs
Mehraj (Rampura Road) 3.88 Lacs 2.28 Lac 6.73 Acres Major repair of flooring & Steel Shed. Estimated csot Rs. 54.00 Lacs

Irrigation and Water Courses Network in the Nagar Panchayat

  • Mehraj minor is source of canal water irrigation to farms,
  • 65 KM Lining of minor was done 35 years back and many incidents of breach have occurred in past, the flow is running below capacity
  • Proposal to SE, Sirhind Canal, Ludhiana has been sent for including in the NABARD Loan Scheme of Govt. of India under ISBIBICG. Estimated cost reconstruction is Rs. 10.00 Cr.
  • There are 52.84 km water courses, 49.6 km have been lined with cost of 3.55 Cr.
  • 6 Lacs required for the balance 3.22 KM water courses.


  • Out of total 52.84 km water courses to be lined 49.6 km water courses have been lines with a expenditure of Rs. 355.20 lacs. 3.228 KM water courses are remained to be lined for which an amount of Rs. 40.6 lacs is required.

Animal Husbandry

  • Take care of the Animal Health Vet. Dispensary was opned in 1961 and in year 1985 it was upgraded Civil Vet. Hospital.
  • A new Building has been constructed in 2017.
  • Live Stock Census (2014) there are 2063 cows, 57777 Buffalo and 255 Goats.
  • 10- 15 dairy farms. The milk is collected by Verka and Nestle.
  • Veterinary Hospital and college is under construction in Rampura which is 6 km from Mehraj. The project is funded by GADVASU, Ludhiana

Skill Development

  • Punjab National Bank Farmer’s Training Centre run by since 2006 has motivated and trained 101676 candidates (32515 females) By holding Training Camps, in field of Farming, Fishery, Vermi composting, Kitchen Gardening, Dairy farming, Sewing, Tailoring & Embroidery, Tractor Training etc. Running Diploma in Computer Proficiency, The FTC best in India with demonstration plots of the requisite skills and also soil testing laboratory Health Clinic for farmers

Sports and Recreation

Sports Stadium and Parks

Yadvindra sports Stadium

  • Yadvindra Sports Stadium is very spacious and beautiful landscaped landmark of Town with Track, Gym, Basketball, Volley ball grounds. Commonly played games here are Kabbadi, Volleyball, Football Athletics. Coach are a need to mentor budding sportsmen.

Public Gathering Places

  • 17 dharamshala (6 General, and 11 SC) for public gathering.
  • 3 Dharamshalas (ward 6,11& 13) are in dilapidated condition and needs repair. Estimate cost of renovation Rs. _________
  • 1000 men sitting capacity Gram Sabha Hall is there very near to Civil Hospital, Schools, it needs renovation and furniture. Estimated cost ______.
  • Library is built in the Civil Hospital complex (Report to be updated)
  • There are ___ Cremation Ground and __ needs upliftment estimated Rs. ___
  • Elderly Sitting Place “Sath” are maintained (Report to be updated)
  • 6 Shops built by Nagar Panchayat are rented out and it is proposed to build and rent shopping complex near the Gram Sabha Hall
  • 1500 Tree Gaurds ___ Benches are all round the streets and roads.

Socio-Economic Status of Nagar Panchayat Mehraj

  • Swatch Bharat: The 10 wards have been declared as ODF free and the remaining 3 wards are in process of declaration as resolution in this regard is pending.
  • There are 2 Common Toilets complexes in the Nagar Panchayat
  • 6 Youth Clubs are registered. Baba Sidh Sports Club most active club.

Seva Kendra , Cooperatives Banks

  • Sewa Kendra of __ Category provides services to Nagar Panchayat Mehraj and associated 7 Panchayats.
  • 5 Co-operative Society Stores with supply chain of Fertilizers and Farm Machinery for hiring available


  • Branches of ICICI, SBI, Punjab & Sind Bank and Cooperative Bank are located in Mehraj.