Important Documents

S No. Department Name Document Title Document Type Posted Date
1 LG 4 Regarding Notification of PIO APIO Appellate Authority   PDF file New Icon1 Notifications 13-10-2021
2 LG 3 Notice Under section 21 of the Right to Fair compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition   PDF file New Icon2 Notifications 27-09-2021
3 LG 3 Gazette notification for acquisition of land for ROB Mandi Gobindgarh The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition   PDF file New Icon3 Notifications 27-09-2021
4 LG 3 Notification - No. 03/19/2020-1lg3/1846   PDF file New Icon4 Notifications 10-09-2021
5 LG 3 Nagar Panchyat, Talwandi Sabo declare and Classify As Class-2 Muncipal Council   PDF file New Icon5 Notifications 09-09-2021
6 PSULM DISCLAIMER : Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs   PDF file New Icon6 Notifications 16-08-2021
7 LG 3 dera baba nanak printing sationary   PDF file New Icon7 Notifications 31-12-2020
8 LG 3 Limit extension notification of Sanaur   PDF file New Icon8 Notifications 31-12-2020
9 LG 3 Limit extension notification of Sardulgarh   PDF file New Icon9 Notifications 31-12-2020
10 LG 3 Limit extension notification of Nadala   PDF file New Icon10 Notifications 31-12-2020
11 LG 3 Limit extension notification of Sangrur   PDF file New Icon11 Notifications 31-12-2020
12 LG 3 Limit extension notification of Tarn Taran   PDF file New Icon12 Notifications 31-12-2020
13 LG 3 De-Notification of Chaunke   PDF file New Icon13 Notifications 31-12-2020
14 LG 3 De-Notification of Mandi Kalan   PDF file New Icon14 Notifications 31-12-2020
15 LG 3 De-Notification of Rampura   PDF file New Icon15 Notifications 31-12-2020
16 LG 3 De-Notification of Balianwali   PDF file New Icon16 Notifications 31-12-2020
17 Town Planning Purposed Building Plan   PDF file New Icon17 Notifications 23-12-2020
18 Town Planning CLU   PDF file New Icon18 Notifications 23-12-2020
19 Town Planning Notification - No. CTP(LG)/2020/2910   PDF file New Icon19 Notifications 03-12-2020
20 Town Planning Notification - No. CTP(LG)/2019/727   PDF file New Icon20 Notifications 03-12-2020
21 Town Planning Advertisement e-auctioning links New Icon21 Orders 01-11-2020
22 PSULM Requirement of one laptop in PSULM   PDF file New Icon22 Notifications 21-08-2020
23 Town Planning PMBBL 3977-3979 Amendment   PDF file New Icon23 Notifications 07-08-2020
24 Town Planning Notififation no. 1338 dated 03.06.2020 (5) Industries   PDF file New Icon24 Notifications 07-08-2020
25 Town Planning Check List ORDER (Hospital)   PDF file New Icon25 Notifications 07-08-2020
26 Town Planning No. LG/CTP(LG)/2019/3977 Punjab Municipal Building Bye-Laws 2018   PDF file New Icon26 Notifications 31-12-2019
27 Account Branch Service Level benchmark Notification for 2019-20   PDF file New Icon27 Notifications 12-07-2019
28 General Branch Prevention & control of Dengue, Malaria and Vector Borne Disease in Punjab.   PDF file New Icon28 Letters 10-05-2019
29 General Branch Recommended Insecticides and larvicides to be used as per recommendation by Punjab Health Dptt.   PDF file New Icon29 Notifications 05-05-2019
30 General Branch Format in which information to be supplied regularly by ULBs.   PDF file New Icon30 Notifications 01-05-2019
31 General Branch Minutes of Meeting held with DDRs & Commissioners on 15-04-2019.   PDF file New Icon31 Letters 30-04-2019
32 General Branch Detailed Agenda of State Task Force Meeting containing role & responsibility of ULBs.   PDF file New Icon32 Notifications 25-04-2019
33 General Branch Minutes of Meeting held with DDRs & Commissioners on 28-03-2019.   PDF file New Icon33 Letters 08-04-2019
34 Town Planning The Amritsar Walled City (Recognition of Usage) Amendment Act, 2019   PDF file New Icon34 Notifications 05-03-2019
35 Town Planning The Punjab one-time voluntary disclosure & settlement of The Building Bye-Laws Act,2019   PDF file New Icon35 Notifications 05-03-2019
36 General Branch Regarding Preparations of the Action Plan and Notification of the Bye Laws.   PDF file New Icon36 Letters 28-01-2019
37 General Branch Government of India letter regarding Dengue Malaria endorsed by Chief Secretary Punjab.   PDF file New Icon37 Letters 20-12-2018
38 General Branch Minutes of Meeting of State Task Force held on 5th November 2018.   PDF file New Icon38 Notifications 30-11-2018
39 General Branch Agendas of Meeting of State Task Force to be held on 5th November 2018.   PDF file New Icon39 Notifications 05-11-2018
40 General Branch Minutes of Meeting of State Task Force held on 16th May 2018.   PDF file New Icon40 Notifications 15-06-2018
41 General Branch Minutes of Meeting of State Task Force held on 25th April 2018.   PDF file New Icon41 Notifications 15-06-2018
42 General Branch Draft Bye Laws for Municipal Corporation.   PDF file New Icon42 Notifications 31-05-2018
43 General Branch Draft Bye Laws for Municipal Council/Nagar Panchayat.   PDF file New Icon43 Notifications 31-05-2018
44 General Branch Dengue 2017 annual report & control of Vector Borne Disease During monsoon 2018 guidelines.   PDF file New Icon44 Letters 21-05-2018
45 General Branch Detailed Guidelines issued for Prevention and control of Dengue in the State of Punjab.   PDF file New Icon45 Letters 14-05-2018
46 Town Planning Advertisement Byelaws 2018   PDF file New Icon46 26-04-2018
47 Town Planning Notification Regarding Unauthorized Colonies   PDF file New Icon47 Notifications 20-04-2018
48 Town Planning Public Parking Policy For Municipal Corporation Towns of Punjab   New Icon48 New Icon48 Notifications 13-04-2018
49 Municipal Service Cell (MSC) 1042 Extra Ordinary 27-6-2016   PDF file New Icon49 Notifications 09-04-2018
50 Municipal Service Cell (MSC) ATP Rules   PDF file New Icon50 Rules 09-04-2018
51 Account Branch Disbursement of PMF (VAT Share) (August,2017)   New Icon51 New Icon51 Letters 07-02-2018
52 LG 4 ULBs Service Level Benchmarks FY 2016-17   PDF file New Icon52 Notifications 16-01-2018
53 Account Branch Punjab Municipal Accounting Manual 2017   New Icon53 New Icon53 Rules 11-01-2018
54 General Branch Punjab Municipal Corporation & Municipal Bye Laws   PDF file New Icon54 Letters 29-09-2017
55 General Branch Comprehensive Scheme for controlling dog population   PDF file New Icon55 Orders 31-10-2012
56 General Branch Animal Birth Control (Dogs), Rules, 2001   PDF file New Icon56 Notifications 24-12-2001
57 General Branch THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT, 1960   PDF file New Icon57 Acts 26-12-1972